Special Needs Taekwondo

Grandmaster Lee is the founder of Special Needs Taekwondo…

Grandmaster Tae E. Lee pioneered the first Taekwondo program in Canada for children with Special Needs over 40 years ago. Since then, he has been offering free Taekwondo classes to children, teens and young adults with special needs.

Special Needs Taekwondo Founder

Grandmaster Tae E. Lee is the founder of Special Needs Taekwondo. One might wonder what Taekwondo could offer children with physical challenges. On the surface there appears to be an inherent contradiction between a physical disability and martial art. However, this view fails to recognize the underlying philosophical orientation of this martial art and the advances it permit to personal growth and development when commitment is applied.

“Ottawa is truly fortunate to have Grandmaster Tae E. Lee and his Ottawa Taekwondo school.” COURAGE — A magazine for athletes with disabilities, September, Volume 2, Issue 2, 1999.

It is Grandmaster Tae E. Lee’s firm belief, that to achieve success in life, an individual has to train to learn how to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Concentrating on one aspect can lead to an imbalance, regardless of one’s strengths or personal challenges. Concentrating only on physical training, or the effort, at the expense of schoolwork can limit an individual’s knowledge and reduce opportunities in later life.

This orientation and commitment is taught in classes, where the curriculum is adapted to the particular needs of each child. With personal instructors for each child in the program participants are given a great deal of individual attention. The first focus for the children is to have fun.

As the children engage in the various physical techniques required at each belt level, they begin to think of themselves as having a new area of competence, which positively changes how they feel about themselves. At the same time, they engage in physical exercises, which both strengthens them physically and promotes better health, all in the context of having fun!

Grandmaster Tae E. Lee has taken a special interest in applying the techniques of Taekwondo to facilitate the growth and development of children with special needs, with great success.