By encouraging parents and children to train and attend courses together…

Teaches excellence for a healthy mind, body and attitude…and instills Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Loyalty

By encouraging parents and children to attend classes together, the shared activity serves to draw closer ties between the parent and child (within and outside the Taekwondo school).

Training together promotes increased harmony within the family, reduces stress, and in children, develops a better sense of respect for their parents and siblings.

The parent is present to encourage and help the child, and can share in the child’s progress. The child is encouraged to emulate the parent and thus, work harder toward developing his/her skills.

The child has the opportunity to spend time with the parent that otherwise may not be available. A sense of accomplishment is developed as they proceed toward their training goals together.

Together, the parent and child develop both physically and spiritually.