“Children flourish in our positive and fun environment, looking forward to their lessons each week.”

  • Assists schools and parents in emphasizing self-esteem, motivation, and self control
  • Improves your child’s concentration, resulting in improved grades in school
  • Improves family relationships
  • Positive and fun environment
  • Teaches children to:
    • follow directions
    • pay attention in class
    • participate in classroom activities

Furthermore, in support of a balanced life, Grandmaster Lee demands that children work hard at their schoolwork and he monitors report cards to ensure that the child is not neglecting his studies.

“If it seems the child is training to the exclusion of his schoolwork, the child is asked to decrease his training time until the lagging grades are improved.”

One of Grandmaster Lee’s greatest successes, is his ability to meet the challenge of teaching young children by using his wisdom and knowledge to help the child focus his/her attention on the task at hand. The instructors who implement Grandmaster Lee’s program pay particular attention to ensuring variety and excitement are incorporated into the lessons.

“Through training, children can develop a sense of self-confidence, which can propel them to the realization of other goals.”

Children who initially thought that Taekwondo was not for them, thrive in our positive environment.