Grandmaster Lee teaches the fundamentals


A Balanced Life

Achieve A Balanced Life

“Taekwondo utilizes both mental and physical development which provides a setting for emotional well-being free from stress and fear, a complete system of self-defense, a popular new sport, and a truly unique approach to living. I would also say that Taekwondo is not only for the strong, but for any person, old, young, male, female, big or small who wishes to master an art”

Concepts and Examples which embody Grandmaster Lee’s philosophy

Grandmaster Tae Eun Lee’s life work has been a mission and a passion.

“… twenty eight years ago I opened Ottawa’s first School of Taekwondo. At the time, Ottawa had 28 Martial Arts schools in existence. Within 5 years, all, but my school, were out of business.”

“What makes my school unique is that I treat the whole person by combining the study of Taekwondo with my philosophy of Chi Dukh Che, which is based on an ancient Korean philosophy grounded in a fusion of knowledge, virtue and health.”

“There is no magic in what I do here, because I know, personally how the discipline of Taekwondo makes a person believe in themselves, how it makes and individual the best he or she can be.”

Instructors instill a sense of honour in the martial art and a loyalty to Grandmaster Lee, his school, and the other students, creating a martial art family. Instructors stress teamwork, not placing one individual above another.

“We have been able to get people past drinking, smoking and weight problems. We’ve helped people with Attention Deficit Disorder and physical handicaps.”

Grandmaster Lee uses his training as a former elite army combat instructor to guide his students to positively redeploy their energy and focus. Not only do his students become proficient in the art of self-defense, they become empowered to achieve that precious, elusive commodity: supreme self-confidence.

“At Tae E. Lee Taekwondo, we believe a person only fails in life when he or she stops trying. Our attitude is one of ‘Yes, you can!’ or ‘I can do it’. Since 1977 our method has turned thousands of lives around.”

Discover the difference that strength of mind and body can make in your life.