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Grandmaster Tae E. Lee

Admired and respected within his school and the Ottawa community, Grandmaster Lee is more than just an instructor to his students. Those who take the time to know him discover a warm and compassionate person beneath the firm exterior he projects during class time. The progress and well-being of his students is of great concern to him and he strives to know each one individually as a person rather than just a pupil.

“His great love for Taekwondo and his intense interest in his students make him one of the finest instructors in Canada.”

  • Grandmaster Tae E. Lee, a graduate MBA, is the only Korean Grandmaster in Ottawa teaching the ancient 2,000 year-old Korean martial art, has become a dominant and central force for Taekwondo throughout Canada and the world. In addition, he is the only internationally certified Grandmaster with the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) in Ottawa.
  • A student of Taekwondo since the age of 12, Grandmaster Tae E. Lee is a 9th DAN (Degree) Black Belt, the highest level attainable, making him one of the highest-ranking Grandmasters in the world. Furthermore, he is one of the only actively teaching 9th DAN Black Belts in the world.
  • Grandmaster Tae E. Lee served as a Chief Combat Instructor in the Korean Army, a position only held by the highest qualified Masters.
  • This highly educated, learned and revered Grandmaster developed his Moo Kwang philosophy of a balanced, focused life, which has inspired and encouraged thousands and thousands of students for over a quarter century.
  • Grandmaster Tae E. Lee is an inductee into the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame, founder of Special Needs Taekwondo, and works closely with the Ottawa Regional Police, the OPP, the RCMP and NCC in various matters of training and security.
  • Grandmaster Tae E. Lee was a major player in having WTF Taekwondo recognized as an official Olympic sport, and he is currently working hard to have Para-Taekwondo recognized one day as an official Paralympic Sport.
  • Grandmaster Tae E. Lee is one of Ottawa’s leading citizens and has worked tirelessly to promote the interests of Korean culture away from his birth country as well as the interests of Taekwondo, both nationally and internationally.
  • On many occasions, Grandmaster Tae E. Lee has been recognized by Canada and Korea for his charitable, cultural and athletic contributions.
  • Grandmaster Tae E. Lee is currently Treasurer (Executive Committee) of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), the only official international governing body for Taekwondo competitions at the World Championships and Olympic Games. This is the highest position ever held by any Canadian at this International level.


Canada/Korea International Trade & Cultural Relations

  • Grandmaster Lee was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and Canada, from October 3, 2012 - December 31, 2013, by H.E. Hee-yong Cho, Ambassador, Republic of Korea
  • Grandmaster Lee has accompanied three Prime Ministers and one Governor General to Korea as well as other Asian countries as a member of several Canadian delegations.
  • Grandmaster Lee has joined forces with three Prime Ministers beginning with Pierre Elliot Trudeau, to develop and strengthen diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea and Canada. Grandmaster Tae E. Lee has always promoted Canada as the best country in the world in which to live and raise a family.
  • “Students of all ages in the Ottawa region have an admirable role model in Grandmaster Lee. Arriving in Canada with nothing but a lofty dream, he built a network of schools through hard work, and determination. Through his constant commitment to Taekwondo and his community, Grandmaster Lee has become a role model for two generations of Canadian Taekwondo students.” — H.E. Sung-joon Yim, Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Korea


Taekwondo & the Olympics

  • Only WTF Taekwondo practitioners are eligible to participate at the Olympic Games
  • His drive and determination as a leader of Taekwondo Canada for over two decades has led to the expansion of Taekwondo nationally. His tireless efforts, on behalf of Taekwondo, were rewarded with the successful recognition of Taekwondo Canada by the Canadian Olympic Committee and Sport Canada.
  • As an Executive Council member of the World Taekwondo Federation, Grandmaster Tae E. Lee was instrumental in having WTF Taekwondo recognized as an official Olympic event.



  • Grandmaster Lee works closely with the Ottawa Carleton Regional Police, the OPP, the RCMP and the National Capital Commission (NCC) in various matters of training and security.
  • In addition to personally conducting most of his classes, Grandmaster Lee also instructs at a host of other institutions. Grandmaster Lee conducts combat training for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ottawa Police, various security personnel, bodyguards and is a technical advisor to the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Grandmaster Lee is both a correspondent and the Ottawa Bureau Chief for the Korea Times daily newspaper.
  • Grandmaster Lee is the Canadian Chang Moo Kwan President.



  • Inductee into the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame
  • In Grandmaster Lee’s resume you will be able to see what makes him a true leader in both Taekwondo and the Community.

    Contents include:

    • Employment and Education
    • Publications
    • Development of Taekwondo Nationally and Internationally
    • Korea-Canada International Culture, Trade, and Academic Coordinator
    • Korean-Canadian Community Activity
    • Community Development: Ottawa-Carleton Region
    • Resume of Grandmaster Tae E. Lee



Grandmaster Lee has received many awards


Sports Hall of Fame

  • Grandmaster Lee Commemorative Plaque
  • Grandmaster Lee Inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame (Ottawa Citizen)
  • Grandmaster Lee Commemorative Plaque (Ottawa Citizen)



  • May 21, 2008
    Grandmaster Lee receives 2008 Asian of the Year — Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his lifetime of contributions to Canada, Grandmaster Lee received the national 2008 Asian of the Year Award, presented by The Hon. Sheila Copps on Parliament Hill.

  • May 13, 2006
    Grandmaster Tae E. Lee receives special citation from former Mayor Bob Chiarelli — On May 13, 2006, Mayor Bob Chiarelli presented Grandmaster Lee with a special Citation at Ottawa City Hall for being the founding father of Taekwondo in Ottawa and for 30 years of dedicated service to his community.