About Us

Tae E. Lee Taekwondo Demonstration Team

When is the Team Performing Next?

You can see the incredible Tae E. Lee Taekwondo Demonstration Team perform at the following upcoming events:

  • 2018 Tae E. Lee Cup Taekwondo Championship - Saturday, May 26, 2018 at Algonquin College


About the Team

The Tae E. Lee Taekwondo Demonstration Team is world renowned, and has performed at the following major Taekwondo events:

  • Tae E. Lee Taekwondo Celebrates CANADA 150 - Sunday, June 25, 2017 at Algonquin Commons Theatre
  • Grandmaster Lee's Ruby Jubilee - Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Algonquin Commons Theatre
  • 2013 Ambassador Cup Tae E. Lee Taekwondo Championship, Algonquin College, May 25, 2013
  • Tae E. Lee 35th Anniversary Celebration (Discover Korea: Canada-Korea Cultural Taekwondo Gala); Museum of Civilization, May 24, 2012
  • Tae E. Lee 30th Anniversary Celebration — Museum of Civilization, May 2007
  • Tae E. Lee Week Celebration — Museum of Civilization, May 2002
  • 1999 World Taekwondo Championships — Edmonton, Alberta
  • 1996 Pan/Am Demonstration Competition — Los Angeles, 1996 (Gold Medalists!)
  • 1996 & 1997 Canadian National Taekwondo Championships


Team Members

Head of Team and Team Leader: Master David Silverman

Team Captain: Mr. Evan Newcomb

Assistant Team Captain: Quintin Rourke-Frew

Main Team Members:

  • Jason Newcomb, Seungmin Hong, Jinwoo Hong, Marie Claire Jasmin
  • Tanis McMahon, Alexander Nedev

Senior Development Team Members:

  • Jean-Sebastien Alba, Brianna Chapman, Ian Chung, Brianna Edoo
  • Emily Hamka, Paula Lugert, Oceane Sarrazin

Junior Development Team Members:

  • Leah Becker, Jacob Belay, Alex Capretta, Eli Pratt, Emma Tomic-Bagshaw, Grant Welby
  • Maryam Ali, Hishaam Ali, Dylan Cheung, Emma Coxford, Noah Davidson, Joseph Gondek
  • Hazel Gifford, Alan Hassan, Dara Hassan, Paikea Huynh, Charlotte Jerome
  • Jennie Lee, Oliver Light, Charlie Pratt, Mia Szabo, Dante Zanon

Team Assistants

  • Julie Brisebois, Catherine Perez


How Can I join?

Students are accepted on the team by invitation only. The Head of Team, Master David Silverman, is responsible for team member selection.

Team Member Expectations:

  • You must attend Taekwondo classes at least twice per week.
  • Your attitude, intensity and technique are at the highest level.
  • You must live up to proper martial art spirit and attitude in all areas of your life.
  • Your school grades must average at a B level or higher.
  • You must cooperate at home and follow your parents’ guidance.