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Case studies: Joanna  |  Roger  |  Rosa



“Grandmaster Lee is awe inspiring… Taekwondo is a way of life for me”

Joanna is a 24 year old Carleton University student who has been practicing Taekwondo for over 12 years.

“I was 10 years old and all I wanted to do was to become a Power Ranger. Since then, Taekwondo has become much more to me and remains the major focus of my life”

As a teenager, Joanna and her family have benefited in many ways.

“Grandmaster Lee taught me to respect my parents… by looking at, and acknowledging what my parents have done for me, I was better able to relate and respect them… the discipline also helps when it comes to chores around the house”

Joanna is more organized and confident.

“I feel more grown up and better about myself… this is about the best that you can be, it’s competition without confrontation… a friendly atmosphere that attracts good people.”

Taekwondo has helped Joanna discover not only what she’s good at but also what she wants to be when she finishes school.

“I thought I wanted a scientific research career, that was before I became a Taekwondo instructor. I now want to become a High School history teacher… the challenges I’ve overcome and the rewards I’ve experienced in dealing with ADD & ADHD children has made me aware of my true calling, and, it’s also made me a better sister to my autistic brother.”

Joanna is the Tae E. Lee Taekwondo Demonstration Team Manager.

“Taekwondo is a way of life for me… the Demo Team has allowed me to progress to another level… to integrate both Taekwondo and my love of music… and when the team succeeds in competition… the feedback and sense of accomplishment is amazing.”

What Joanna appreciates most about Grandmaster Lee.

“Grandmaster Lee is awe inspiring… his Korean teachings have both enriched and provided greater meaning and context to my learning experience… a window into another culture. Everything that Grandmaster Lee teaches you is individually tailored to your needs and capabilities… Grandmaster Lee knows exactly what each student is capable of… his instruction matches both your needs and abilities.”



“… my 18-year-old sons have developed both physical and mental strengths, and have become Taekwondo Masters themselves!”

Roger, a Chartered Accountant, had an accident 37 years ago that left him with crushed feet. Since that time he had required the aid of a cane in order to walk.

“Since joining Grandmaster Lee’s Taekwondo School, at the urging of my twin sons some ten years ago, I’ve lost 25lbs, achieved 3rd Dan Black Belt status and, I got rid of my cane.”

Roger’s twin sons have gained a great deal since joining Grandmaster Lee’s School.

“Their learning curve has been tremendous… my 18 year old sons have developed both physical and mental strengths; they are more capable of dealing with adversity and respond much better to basic discipline.”

Grandmaster Lee’s Taekwondo has enriched Roger’s family experience.

“I get to do this with my sons, we even plan events around our Taekwondo schedule, which includes their participation on the Demo Team. Taekwondo offers each of us challenges, for me, that’s jumping.”

Roger is a Special Needs Instructor.

“Teaching the Special Needs class has been especially rewarding. You become a constant in their lives and the bond you develop with the student is extremely close.”

What Roger appreciates most about Grandmaster Lee.

“One of the things I find most remarkable about Grandmaster Lee is that his knowledge is limitless, every class is a new learning experience.”



… an 80 year old grandmother… has a message for other ladies of her age

Rosa is an 80 year old grandmother, who only began to practice with Grandmaster Lee 14 years ago, on a dare from her son a 1st DAN Black Belt.

“My son and I were fooling around together and he was showing me some of his moves. He found that for an old lady of my age I was very flexible. So, I took up his dare and attended a class. Well, at first I felt like a fish out of water, or the ugly duckling of the class. Someone like me, a white, Italian lady just doesn’t grow up with this type of movement.”

“Eventually Grandmaster Lee saw how flexible I was and took an interest in me. He encouraged me, to push myself to see just what I could do. I learned to kick high enough to reach the chins of the larger guys in the class. And, he even videotaped me, for viewing back in Korea, as I broke boards with my kicks showing that age is no barrier and that what you are able to do (with your body) is up to you.”

Today, Rosa is a Black Belt, something inconceivable years ago after her husband died of cancer.

“I let myself grow old after my husband died. I also had cancer and even if the doctors told I was recovered, my mind wouldn’t let me believe the cancer was gone. I was angry at the disease, at least until I began to study with Grandmaster Lee. Grandmaster Lee gave me the freedom to beat my negative thoughts, to win within myself, mind, body and soul.”

Rosa has a message for other ladies of her age, (or anyone else for that matter), who wonder if Tae E. Lee Taekwondo is for them.

“You are fighting an enemy. You need to eat well to heal your body, you need to get moving, the more exercise and flexibility the better and you need to exercise your mind, memory is what patterns are all about.”

“Tae E. Lee Taekwondo is my second home, I’m totally comfortable here, I love it! Ignore the fact that this type of exercise is not usually associated with a white Italian lady, join me and get moving.”